Secret Happy Hour

Secret Happy Hour is a free, simple-to-use app that connects restaurants and customers.

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What is shh?

Secret Happy Hour (SHH) is the first app of its kind. Our goal is to change the way restaurants and customers interact. Restaurants and bars have the ability to publish Secret Happy Hour specials so that customers can cash in on these awesome deals. heart

Pick a city to get Secret Happy Hour specials, don't worry if we aren't in your neighborhood yet, we are adding new cities each week!

Browse Secret Happy Hour specials and find the deal that you want!

Find Secret Happy Hour specials close to you!

Find out more details on the specials, check out some info on the bar or restaurant and RSVP for the deal. When you get to the place, let them know you're there for a SHH special, they'll take care of the rest….SHH!

The mobile phone has become a ubiquitous part of the human experience. Speak the language your customers will understand by sending them happy hour discounts and specials right to their smartphone!

No two restaurants are the same. No two customers are the same. With SHH, the customization possibilities are endless. You have complete control of what you want to display in your happy hour special.

SHH is completely dynamic: When you publish your Secret Happy Hour it goes live, instantly. Want to make a change? No problem. Updates are immediately posted to the app for your customers to see.

No one likes contracts. No one wants to be signed into something that doesn’t work. We want your business to grow. We want our application to help grow it. Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

With Secret Happy Hour you can advertise as much or as little as you want. There is no reason to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month on print ads that no one actually reads anymore.

You may not have the budget to compete with a national chain, but we don’t mind. SHH is meant for local establishments to easily get the word out to customers that appreciate the local culture and community.